Let’s Talk About Words.


The time is 9:16 PM. I started my day at around 5:00 PM – the life of a nighthawk in play. I have less than fifteen minutes before I must begin work. But for your sake, so you’re not wondering of my absence, I’ll tell you about words.

Sometimes they have a hard time coming out. One moment you could be sitting at the desk, the pad, your weapon of choice, and you feel yourself channeling Shakespeare – or maybe just imitating – but either way, the moment is exhilarating. But then, sometimes, you feel yourself falling off the top of the world, and your progress seems nothing more than a snail’s tangent. (more…)

A Brief Glance at Scrivener (Software Review)

December is finally upon us, huzzah!

This time of year is always a little stressful for everyone, mostly due to the dreaded 25th, where many are expected to book flights, buy gifts, and hopefully break even come next month. I’m lucky to not have many of those stressors this year, but there’s a trade-off:

The due-date for my upcoming books is looming overhead, and until then, I’ve got to be a word-cranking machine if I hope to have the best final drafts possible.

I’ve used plenty of text editors. From the default Notepad and TextEdit, to Microsoft Word and LibreOffice. There’s loads more in between, all focusing on different preferences and aspects of writing. Some are feature-heavy with lots of settings and formatting capabilities, and some are for writing in a simple, distraction-free environment.

But, having tested most of the available options, I think I’ve found the one that works best for me. That option, being Scrivener. Now, just to be clear, this isn’t a paid promotion or any of the sort. This is my honest-to-god opinion based on using the software for my latest projects. So let’s get into this:


Update: Incoming Projects

I’ll spare you the extended notice; this post will be short.

Call me redundant, but I feel the need to ensure you (the reader) are in the loop. I have approximately five titles set to release within the next few months. Two of these are full-length books, one being my usual dark short stories, and then a collection of free verse poetry. The other three releases are either one-shot stories, or small compilations. They will be releasing in paperback, ebook, and eventually audiobook formats.

Due to the fact that my project folder is currently at critical mass with all plans considered, it’s possible my posting might be sporadic. HOWEVER, I’m making it a personal goal to have a new story written and completed each week purely for this website. While I’m definitely putting a focus on getting my books out, I strongly believe in giving everyone something to read at no cost. How else would I show everyone what I’m working on?

I haven’t released a proper short story in a long time. The flash fiction I’ve posted here is out of date, and my overall style has moved to different places. Some assume I only write on occasion, others think I’ve stopped entirely. The truth, is that I’ve been writing frantically, to finally kickstart these books I’ve been meaning to release for a long time. I’ve been storing them, revising, waiting for the perfect rainy day to tell the stories I’ve wanted to tell.

Thank you for joining me throughout the process. It’s bound to get much more exciting.

Winchester Street

Tick… Tock…

Its voice is the tempo of a slow waltz in his mind. He taps the back beat with the heel of his worn down shoe.

Tick… Tap Tap… Tock… Tap Tap…

Just like when he was a young man again, and he would dance with a beautiful lass who happened to meet his gaze. Only now, he is older. The house is empty aside from the grandfather clock. All close family is long dead. The only thing he has is the tempo, and when he loses what little hearing he has left, he will have lost everything. This includes his mind.


Rest Stop

“Kirby… where are we?”

“Hell if I know. I think we’re still in Nebraska”

“Well don’t stop.”

“Wasn’t going to.”

“Did you see that?”

Kirby fell silent. He had seen it. It dashed right by the passenger window. All he could make out was a shape which could only be compared to legs. Not human ones though. That was for sure.


Gone Fishing

He’d gone fishing, at least, that’s what the sign said. What’s a business owner to do? It was always calming, and the pastime had inched its way closer to becoming a serious ritual. It’d only taken a couple years, after obtaining his new job in street cleaning. The water rippled at the motion of the electric stilts, the waves disappearing long before they reached the scattered horizon of the lakeside town. There was no wind, no voices to be heard, not even the movement of water. It was merely the hushed whiffling of the machine’s movement, and Vander’s own relaxed breaths.

He withdrew the fishing rod with the slip of a lever, and it slid out of the waist compartment. The click of a button, and it let its line drop into water, making more little ripples. It plonked as it did so, and somehow that was the most relaxing thing. He leaned back in his seat, and the electric legs supported this movement as sturdy as if it were stone. His eyes closed almost without thought. He wondered if he would catch anything today. There was hope, but little effort to actively think it over. He couldn’t concern himself. It had been difficult back at home. Surely, this was his time to unwind, even though this was double-duty in a sense.



In Singapore, the skies are clear. Everybody makes their way around the busy interstates, ensuring that they keep to themselves. Something is askew. Birds silently fly overhead. Smoke from a cargo ship paints dripping streaks onto the sky. Someone nearby coughs. Life continues on.

The janitorial office is but a hazy repetition of the previous morning. It smells vaguely of burning hair and soap. Today, you will be cleaning the restrooms. They escort you to a nearby office, with the guarantee of a good month’s check if management is pleased. You shut yourself in there, and begin to work on the stalls. You are aware of the chill which surrounds this place.