Gingerbread House


The scariest people you will ever meet have smiles on their faces

As they welcome you into their gingerbread house.

They won’t ask for a thing as they make you dinner—

Such long nights in the woods you’ve spent.

The scariest people will give you a bed to sleep in,

And one dawn you’ll realize

That you’ve been locked in a cage.

But you’ll eat better than you ever have.

Or if you’re not one to only accept favors,

Perhaps you’ll work your fingers ’till the flesh falls off

And make the house better than it ever was.

Either way you’ll be one to pity;

I was once naive.

People in gingerbread houses don’t want what’s better.

They may laugh at your jokes,

Indulge in your stories,

But their eyes will gleam like a crocodile—

Because believe me, they’ve been out in those woods

Even longer than you have.

And you’d never guess

Just how hungry they are.

You can tell because they do what they must

To get whey they want,

And they’ll never take those eyes off you.

Those starving,

Innocent eyes.

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