There have always been holes in my carpet—

Holes from the worms in my shoe.

There are holes in the table cloth, sheets, and the curtains—

Holes where they’ve all eaten through.


Holes in her wedding dress, holes in my suit—

Which I won’t ever look at again.

Holes in the deed that we bought for this house—

Me and my dear Julienne.


The holes in the carpet expand after dusk,

And I watched from my bed as they grew

They eat at the plaster, but worse is my heart

The worms, they are eating that too.


I won’t know what she said as we lay here in bed.

Her hair does not shine its bright gold.

The worms eat her skin as they slither right in

And leave holes in the patches of mold.

Dead in the Attic is on its way. How do you feel about including rhyming poems like this one? Or should I just stick to free verse? Let me know what you think, and sweet dreams…

CreepyPasta Comic Kickstarter: What Went Wrong?

Alright, alright… before I say anything, I need to confess something for the sake of remaining honest in all of this. I am responsible for the audio and video production for the animated portion of this project mentioned down below, and all the short promo animations used at the ends of the other promo videos.

I placed the music and sounds, edited the audio, and assembled the animation using the comic art and voice lines Vincent and Mr. CreepyPasta (MCP) provided me with. To be clear: I didn’t have complete directorial control over this project, but I did lend my thoughts, and they provided direction where it was needed.

I was only on board to work on the videos, and was completely unaware of the situation I’m about to detail until a few days ago.

There is a price to pay for these following words. I am met with the decision of speaking up or remaining silent, and I’ve realized that remaining silent in this situation will make things far worse. This needs to be out there, because I believe it’s the truth—and it’s for the better of everyone who can learn from this.

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