There have always been holes in my carpet—

Holes from the worms in my shoe.

There are holes in the table cloth, sheets, and the curtains—

Holes where they’ve all eaten through.


Holes in her wedding dress, holes in my suit—

Which I won’t ever look at again.

Holes in the deed that we bought for this house—

Me and my dear Julienne.


The holes in the carpet expand after dusk,

And I watched from my bed as they grew

They eat at the plaster, but worse is my heart

The worms, they are eating that too.


I won’t know what she said as we lay here in bed.

Her hair does not shine its bright gold.

The worms eat her skin as they slither right in

And leave holes in the patches of mold.

Dead in the Attic is on its way. How do you feel about including rhyming poems like this one? Or should I just stick to free verse? Let me know what you think, and sweet dreams…

4 thoughts on “Worms

  1. Oh my goodness, this brilliant poem
    Brought me, first, shivers of joy
    The worms all seemed funny and cheeky and brave
    A love silly poems. What joy!

    But then I continued, the stanzas rolled forth
    The story was opened and born
    And now I am left feeling empty and strange
    My heart feels exhausted and torn.

    Awesome poem.


    1. Christopher Warren

      I must thank you for reading my poem;
      It was very amusing to write.
      I’ve enjoyed your work too, from the bits I’ve read through,
      Though my fiction is mostly for fright.

      Thank you Robbie, I got quite the kick out of your poetic review. Definitely a reminder to have fun a little more often. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m glad you enjoyed my review
        I find them quite pleasing to do
        I hope you do more, even if they have gore,
        Your rhyme was refreshing and new 😊

        Yes, playing around with words is good for the soul, I reckon!


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