Innocent Hobbies | A Short Story

InnocentHobbies copy

When something tells you you’re going to die very soon, you listen.

But most important, is to know who you’re speaking to.

He’d given up looking for the misplaced shotgun yet another night, and instead resorted to spending his leisure time on a new hobby. Bradley pressed his palms into each side of the board—leaning in to let the stale air fill his lungs. He’d heard stories—listened to all the talk radio he could fathom—but never had the story gone like this. The candles had blown out in a draft which gave life to the planchette; it moved on it’s own over the scuffed letters wood-burned into the board.

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When the Wind Blows (1986): Review


An animated film from 1986 shows exactly why nuclear bombs are so terrifying—and does so in the most unexpected ways. I’ve seen my fair share of horror films. I’ve seen things from real life that are scarier than most works of fiction. But by God, this is the kind of film you never forget.

When the Wind Blows would’ve passed my radar entirely if it wasn’t for a handful of animation circles I occasionally check up on. When it comes to disturbing animated films, most people think of The Black Cauldron, Coraline, or Watership Down. But with this fresh in my mind, it blows just about all those other films in its category right out of the water. Cute talking animals and all.

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A Week of Consequential Reading #1


Welcome friends, nerds, book junkies. Welcome to my ever-expanding bookshop filled to the gills with all sorts of odds and ends. It’s a place you could stay all day; believe me, I’ve lost track of the times I’ve let that happen.

Each week I’m going to share and review a the selection of stories I’ve read. I’ll be reading old, I’ll be reading new, but almost always it will be short fiction I’ve had the pleasure (or sometimes displeasure) of reading. You’re more than welcome to follow along each week and discover new authors, as well as cherished old favorites, and let me know what you think. It’s like a book club, except this is a blog… and it’s short stories… and I’m sitting alone typing on a lifeless, digital page…

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