Book Covers

I may not wear a cape, but I can make your books pop.

Book Cover Samples

It can be a hard pill to swallow. Sure, we’ve all been told you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but you do. We all do—and with good reason. The cover of your book is the first impression, and a bad first impression means scaring away your potential readers and fans.

It’s just another hurdle in the way of your success, so what can we do about it?

My name is Chris. I’ve been a designer for over five years, and a reader and writer as early as I can remember. I will create a cover for you that:

  • Looks professional
  • Fits the genre of your book (science fiction, horror, literary, fantasy, etc.)
  • Attracts the right readers for your genre
  • Will help sell your book

And all this without having to learn new software and spend valuable time sharpening design skills when you could be writing.

Ok, so how does it work?

It’s easy. All I need is your book title, author name, and the genre your book is in, along with any specific text or blurbs you want on your cover. You’re welcome to provide any ideas, concept sketches, etc., and I’ll create a cover based on all this information.

Once you’ve approved the design, you’ll get the full-size image ready to use. For paperback books, I’ll need the complete page count of your manuscript in its final PDF format (for cover size purposes.) As well as the dimensions of your book and type of interior paper you’ll be using (print-on-demand services usually give a choice between white or cream paper, and that effects the size of the cover as well.)

I create both photo-manipulated covers and illustrated covers in all kinds of styles. Give me an idea of what you’re looking for, and we’ll go from there!


So how much will this cost me?

$100 via PayPal. I’ll send you an invoice for the first $50, and then assuming you’re happy with the review version(s) you’ll receive the full-size cover upon the confirmation of the remaining $50 being received.

Included is a front-only cover for Kindle publishing, and a front/spine/back cover for paperbacks and/or hardcover books if needed.

Sound good? Drop me a line below!