Door: a Flash Fiction Nightmare

Faces_Sketch“Nobody goes down there,” said Toby, taking a sip of whisky and pausing for a drag.

“Nobody?” I said, “Are you sure?”

“Well, I know some have, but they probably weren’t too happy about it.”

A breeze fled past the alley, and there was a crinkling sound when I shut my eyes. I need water, I thought. Water and a woman.

“You know,” said Toby, “I saw a gal,” I leaned back, because I knew this was gonna’ be a story. Not small talk, real this time.

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Short Story: The End of Yesterday

51a9ixs6lol-_sl250_This story is available in the Darkest of Dreams anthology along with 13 other mind-bending horror stories.

He’d crouch down on the floor near the street-view window. He’d run the situation through his mind, over and over. He’d press the barrel to the roof of his mouth, count to three, and then it’d be over. He wouldn’t have to rot in the empty shell growing around him.

But there was more before that.

Aaron was asleep, only to be roused by the click of a deadbolt, and the creak of the front door opening. She was home, and there would be a hefty price for that. It trickled through his mind then, that something was… Incorrect. Off. There was the clack of delicate shoes, the bed clothes ruffling down the hall, and nothing more. He was snatched from sleep, irrationally petrified. Sweat dripped down from his brow, the tell-tale burning of a rash starting to form, but he didn’t dare wipe it off.

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